Welcome to LifeTracker

Context aware app that knows
what you need (to do) now

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Focus on what’s due
  • simple to use, no setup
  • reminds you about the right things at the right time
  • learns from your behaviour every day
  • never distracts you when you’re busy
  • keeps your data private
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later in 2016 Never get distracted
  • helps other applications you use
    to behave smart
  • coordinate your plans with others -
    privately and in public
  • integration of your favourite services,
    so they are delivered to you when
    you need them most
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Personal AI for everyone
Delivers reminders
Learns from user
Context aware
Intelligent reminders
Voice control
Start to train your own AI today!

Symbiotic AI is a concept behind the technology created to protect you from over-engaging applications and services, and deliver you notifications and services when you really need them